Alec Holland grew up in a home where mid century design ruled supreme. As a child, he was obsessed. Was it odd? A little. But focusing on the simplicity gave his busy young head peace of mind. His parents’ love of design became the basis for his own aesthetic of clean lines, subtle details and the calmness that comes with having everything in its place.

Even before becoming a decorator, design has been a crucial part of Alec’s journey. While working as a writer in LA, he took a side job as the West Coast editor of the design blog Apartment Therapy. Excited by what he was writing, he found a mentor in interior designer Liana Reid, who taught him to find luxury in even the smallest detail. Alec started to take all of the decorating ideas mixing around in his head, and applied them to his own interior design projects. Thrilled by what he was doing, he moved back East, and Alec Holland Design was born.

Alec lives in New York City. He works with clients to create homes that are vibrant, and full of energy, but also relaxed and serene. His strong personal style is undeniable, yet he shudders at the idea of a designer’s “signature look”, instead wanting to help each client create his or her own unique and welcoming space. As Alec sees it, one’s home should be a respite from the chaos of the outside world. And everyone deserves a space that’s beautiful, comfortable and a joy to come home to.