Good Table lamps are essential in creating a space. Lighting is everything. And not just for the obvious reasons (see: must give light). But, when a strong statement piece is needed to add character to a room, these are some of my favorite places to look.

Allied Maker

My dream-date lighting studio, Allied Maker, has some of the most simple, yet stunning lamps I’ve ever seen. They are completely customizable so what you create is special and unique, while still representing the company’s strong style in the most elegant way. Rich wood accents mixed with brass rules supreme.

These lamps are like light-up art sculptures.

Thomas O’Brian

It’s no secret that Thomas O’Brian of Aero Studios is my decor hero. I find his lighting, both the vintage pieces scattered throughout the Aero showroom and his pieces that can be found at stores like Circa (which is honestly the first place I start when looking for lighting) beyond elegant. These are Classic 2.0.


Homenature has become the first store I bring new clients to, so I can wow them with stunning decor style right out of the gate. Their lighting is not to be missed. Both vintage and new, this is the place for making a statement, be it a chunky quartz-encrusted table lamp (ridiculous. So good), or something slim and simple made from a Kudo horn, like the first image up top (as seen in a client’s living room).


Along with other vintage stores like it, Donzella has some truly stunning pieces to view. They are showcases and the prices reflect that. Donzella also has some new lighting, many hand made in Italy that can be custom done to fit your specific needs.

Hammertown Barn

(upstate)This place has some real beauties (and they can be found online, too). Hammertown has what I call “handsome” lighting: Strong, bold, subtle. stunning. Xo


Next up: Ceiling fixtures to die for. 




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