I tend to keep living room lighting where I can see it, In other words, around eye’s height via sconces and lamps. A ceiling light fixture tends to stay off, only there for the occasional need to flood the room with light when you’ve dropped something. Other than that, an overhead is rarely used, even with a dimmer. But when it comes to the dining room, overhead lighting is king.

If a table is the dining room’s little black dress, the light fixture above it is surely the statement necklace that completes the look.

I like to find something that gives off as much style as it does light. Here are my go-to stops when looking for real stunners.

Glen Dooley Antiques

Walk into Glen Dooley and just look up. You will strain your neck with all of the beauty that hangs from his ceiling. Strong, mid century pieces mingle with older but equally beautifully restored chandeliers and pendents. These are priced to reflect the quality and beauty, which are both strong. But so worth a look.

High Style Deco 

The over the top glamour that hits you when you walk into High Style Deco might scare some away. So much crystal glistening in the light can trick you into thinking you are in some staid, fancy-lady place, where traditional and gaudy collide. But that is NOT what this store is. Honestly, some of the most beautiful vintage shapes and styles I’ve ever seen. You have to be able to focus in and see each individual piece, imagining it in your space. But the bottom line is, these are some of the prettiest light fixtures I’ve ever seen. This is a real “kid in a candy store” set up for me.

Timothy Oulton

I used to walk right by the Timothy Oulton studio at ABC Carpet & Home, because I  thought the style was too over the top for me. Man, was I wrong. The pieces can be larger than life, for sure. But once you get up close and personal there is no denying their beauty. I love the deco looks of the large chrystal pieces, and their new line of literal crystal chandeliers like the one above, is amazing.

Suite NY 

One of my favorite stores in the city, Suite NY is a showroom filled with both iconic 20th century classics and new works from designers that tip their hat to the design aesthetic of the mid century masters. The studio’s lighting is both bold and artistic. An example is this Bolle light fixture, that is one of the most graceful fixtures I’ve ever seen.


A small studio with a big punch. This feels more like walking into an art gallery where the sculptures happen to light up. I don’t know what to say about their Bubble Chandeliers (the top pic of this story). It’s worth checking these out in person. They are beyond.

Allied Maker

They might make every lighting list I write. I just find the simple yet elegant attention to detail beyond inspiring. I love the mix of wood and metal. I love the handsome mixed with pretty. I love Allied Maker. Nuff said. XO.

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