We’ve been working away on the living and entry space on my latest job and I have to say I’m very happy with how things have turned out. Mostly, I’m happy that my clients and their family seem so excited with their updated digs. That’s really the thrill here. Watching people enjoy the space that I’ve created for them. A space that is now truly beautiful, calm and a joy to come home to.

IMG_5781The job was daunting at first. My Clients are both super creative and successful people. They are funny and fun and smart. It seems like a no-brainer that their home should reflect this, but it didn’t. Old, out-dated, and even unusable furniture cluttered the apartment. They had collected beautiful art and objects and family photos, but everything was crammed too close together to be able to see or admire.

TERRI AND DAVID LRThe great thing was that my clients were ready for the change, and jumped in feet first. The more I suggested, the more they both seemed excited by the possibilities of what their home could be. And while my drawing above was how I started my vision for them, things morphed and changed as we went, adding bookshelves up the sides of the windows, and altering furniture choices to reflect my client’s budding decor aesthetic. Collaboration is key. Letting go of preconceived ideas in order to allow fresher viewpoints is key. Letting yourself step out of your box without giving up what you know you like is key. Breathing is key.

IMG_6371We stripped and replastered (and in some areas, rebuilt) walls. We painted and wallpapered and built custom bookcases that wrapped around much of the living room. We boxed in exposed pipes. We sanded and stained to give new life to the herringbone wood floors. We gave away almost all of their existing furniture. With the exception of the dining table, everything was purchased new for the space.


My amazing contractor worked with his crew to deliver some stunning results- those intricate shelves and stunning hand-worked counter tops took some serious artistry to build. Although we had about two months of prep work, everything from the floors to the furniture and built-in load-ins had to happen in just under a week while the family was away for vacation. I am proud to say that it went off without a hitch (accept for that damn custom ottoman that got delivered a day late even though they promised it would be done in time, but I digress). Everything about this space-everything– I just couldn’t be happier with.

There are more pictures up on my Design/Projects page if you feel like taking a look-see. Better images to come as soon as the bedroom is completed. We start this week! Stay tuned. It’s going to be good! XO.

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