IMG_1518‘Tis the season! Here’s my now yearly re-post of a great DIY classic holiday decor: Pomanders.  You can also watch me talking about making holiday decorations HERE.

Pomanders are my kind of holiday decoration. They are easy to make, are classic and elegant, and they fill the room with the wonderful scents of the holiday season.


What you need to make your pomander*:

1. Oranges (Good, large unflawed ones)
2. Whole cloves.
3. Rubber band or tape
4. gloves,thimble, or masking tape for your fingers.
5. ribbon (if you want to hang them)

Pre-puncture the design you want in the orange with a toothpick (or pushpin) before inserting the clove. Even with the pre-marked design, the cloves can really hurt your fingers, which is why I suggest taping them up or using a thimble. You can do any design, though the more cloves on the orange, the cooler the look and the stronger the scent. I place a rubber band around the orange to create a straight line to follow. But you can also just free-form it.

IMG_1505I think a nice idea is to put out a big bowl of oranges and a little dish of the cloves on your coffee table. That way, friends can make their own pomander while visiting or just hanging out.

IMG_1516I put the finished pomanders on a platter on the dining table, but you can also hang them with a ribbon around a door knob or on your tree (wrap the ribbon around the orange like you would a present: around to the bottom, crisscross and back up, then knot and tie in a bow). Really, these beauties go anywhere you want that perfect holiday touch.  Xo.

*While I LOVE these for the winter months, the clove is not a scent that I dig year round, so ours get tossed after the holidays. If you want to keep your pomanders forever (or at least a year or two), you must dry-cure them first: Roll finished pomanders in orris root or a few drops of sandalwood oil, then place in a paper bag and let sit in a cool, dry place for a few weeks until the pomanders dry out (they will feel hollow when they’re done) . 

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