Shit happens. I am always sure to remind people of this before we start working together. Things get lost in the shuffle or broken in the box. Beloved Art and objects are getting moved around and stacked (and re-stacked) in backrooms and basements. Large equipment is being lugged in and out of rooms by gruff guys without finesse. Although blaming gruff guys is rude because after all of the pleas to “be careful!”… I was the one who broke something. While reaching up high on a step stool, I grabbed this lovely lady, she slipped from my hands, and…

I texted my client immediately.  I do have some novice experience in glueing broken porcelain figures, so I offered up my services. Thankfully, I broke one of the cookie jars that did not hold much affection, and my client was not in the least bit upset. She told me to toss it. Thank god.

That said, it was a good reminder that something always goes wrong. So be prepared and prepare your client. And don’t assume it’s going to be the gruff guy.  xo.

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