Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 10.14.05 AMMy clients have lived in their apartment for 30 years, first as renters, and then owners. With their two kids off at college, they were finally ready to give their home the upgrade it desperately needed. Often, I come in, evaluate the space, and update it with a new layout, some really good furniture, and maybe a fresh coat of paint.  I had lots of decorating ideas to share, but here, it felt like putting lipstick on a pig. Typical of many New York apartments, the walls were cracked, bumpy and rough from years of repainting. The French doors were no longer working properly, with the brass hardware completely gunked over. The wood floors were completely thrashed. The building installed pipes with sprinklers throughout the apartment which made the space look like a set from the movie Brazil. The more we talked the more we all agreed that they wanted to really do this right. With the help of my amazing contractor, we went to work making a list of everything that had to be done to bring the bones of the apartment up to standard with what I wanted to do with the decor.

w90 walls before & afterWith about three months of prep, and then 10 days to load everything in while my clients were out of town, we got to work. And by “we”, I mean Mike my contractor and his crew did everything while I walked around pointing at things saying, “What about this? Is this going to get done?” The walls were repaired, skimmed and repainted, with some walls primed for wallpaper. I was going to purchase new French doors, but Mike said he wanted to repair them instead of buying new. He reset them to hang straight, and cleaned up all the hardware bringing the doors back to their original glory.

w90 floors before & afterMy floor guys came in and the floors were sanded down revealing the most beautiful herringbone pattern. I seriously can’t say enough about my love for a herringbone wood floor. I opted against staining them, instead just giving a few coats of polyurethane to keep the floors bright and light.

W90th Before and afterSoffits were built to encase the pipes running throughout the space. This for me was maybe the best fix of all. I replaced old doorknobs, and traded out the lighting in the entry with simple yet elegant fixtures and put dimmers on all the switches.

I tell you, God is in the details. We hadn’t even brought in furniture yet, and already the apartment was looking amazing. What a thrill to have clients trust me to completely rip apart the home they’ve lived in for 30 years in order to give them what the only dreamed was for others.

Next up: The Entry gets completed, the wallpaper goes up, and the furniture comes in! XO.

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