IMG_6391Finding room for the gallon-sized cans of paint after you’ve painted a room can be a hassle. But tossing unused paint is not an option, as you do have to hold onto some of it in case there are touch ups needed down the line. And worse, often the paint has not been stored properly, so when you pry open the can, air has gotten in, and the paint is gloppy and full of rust.

THE SOLUTION: Clean out some small jars (glass or plastic, it doesn’t matter, as long as there’s a tight lid). Pour enough leftover paint to fill it. This lets you easily store the paint, and makes is super easy to do those sudden touch ups that inevitably occur. Then, toss the gallon cans and call it a day. Done. Genius.  And PS, yes, I see how my living room paint looks just like peanut butter in the jar. I promise it doesn’t on the wall. Xo.

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