IMG_6344I adore the textiles and rugs of Madeline Weinrib. Located on the sixth floor of ABC Home (with her cotton rugs across the street), these pieces are high-end stunners, particularly the wool and silk collection. Flipping through the piles of  rugs (or more specifically, having two guys do the heavy arm work of flipping the rugs for you) is for me, a bit of a sensual overload. There is something about images done in the deep, rich colors that just touches something deep within in me.

IMG_6050The bright bold colors of the mandalas and stripes, the rich, but muted tones of the jet blacks and taupes, the silver that looks like spun sterling. These rugs are fun and sumptuous all at once.

IMG_2950Weinrib also does pillows and fabrics, and the upholstered furniture is beyond special- iconic mid century pieces dressed up in her bold over-the-top signature look. Stunning. These are some high price points, so be aware. But if you are looking for that one special item to bring your room together, Madeline Weinrib might have just what you are looking for.

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