Picasso SculpturesPicasso was nothing if not prolific. The man made a lot of art. Of course, what is most notable is that it is all so good. Case in point, his vast collection of sculptures, now on exhibit at MoMA thru February 7th. 

The MoMA has amassed quite the collection, and as you walk the exhibit, paper turns to tin turns to stone turns to turns to bronze turns to found objects, as each room of work magically extends what you think the possibilities can be.

IMG_6426The paper sculptures that start out the show (like his most iconic guitars) are simply and delicate. So simple anyone could have done it? Maybe, but as my college art history teacher used to say, “Yes, but they didn’t.

IMG_6436There are dozens of examples of these paper collages which really touched me, mostly through the sense memory of childhood art class, where cut outs and paste were my best friend. Here, the pieces are deep and funny and so abstract, you can’t help but wonder what his contemporaries thought when Picasso first showed these masterpieces.

And then, you continue on. The genius of Picasso isn’t just in the varied mediums, it’s in the styles in which he created. As simplistic as some of the cutouts are, the technique of his plasters and bronzes can’t be touched. And I’m sorry, but speaking of simple, that bicycle parts bull’s head is some 1940s genius.

IMG_6443Picasso was both pushing boundaries artistically and making strong political statements. You feel it through much of his work. While always plenty of joy abounds, the strength of his pieces is undeniable. Totally worth a stroll if and when you are in New York.

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