DSC01050 (1)I love a good craft. I really believe that mixing something handmade into a room that has been beautifully designed only adds to the elegance of it all. Decoupage is one of those crafts that is quite easy to do, kind of hard to mess up, and can look very expensive and chic when you’re done.

The most common way people decoupage is by gluing a cut out image onto a piece of wood so that the wood acts as background and frame to the picture. John Derian is someone who does this with great success. But I prefer to use the treatment as an all-over effect, as seen in the tray I made here.


  1. Elmer’s Glue. There are specific decoupage glues you can purchase, but I like the simplicity of good ol’ Elmer’s, which I water down to one part glue to water.
  2. A non-sealed unfinished wood tray (or trivet, or frame or whatever you want to use)
  3. Tissue paper (or, if you prefer, images cut out from a magazine or newspaper- just remember that magazine paper is thicker so it won’t wrap around an edge as easily. Magazine cutouts are better when just doing a flat surface.)
  4. A sponge brush.
  5. Polyurethane.
  6. Newspapers (for keeping your work station neat and clean)

I had some nice shimmery tissue paper, and for my tray I decided I wanted to use circles of the paper to create a cool yet subtle effect. I cut out a bunch of circles by tracing them around some different sized jar lids (folding the tissue so as to be able to cut out many circles at a time). You can also cut out different shapes, or even just tear the paper into pieces. Any of these techniques work.

I put some glue and water mixture into a glass bowl (Elmer’s is non-toxic and water based so clean up is safe and easy) and with my brush, started by coating the tray and laying down the tissue circles one at a time, then softly brushing over the circle with my glue mixture making sure everything was glued down and there were no air bubbles. I built up the pattern to how I liked it, and made sure the entire tray was covered.

When I was done, I did a few coats of the glue mixture over everything, which gives it that glossy effect. NOTE: The glue goes on milky white, but not to worry, as it dries clear!

DSC01049 (1) Once my tray was completely dry, I gave it a coat of the Polyurethane to seal it. Then I let that FULLY dry (24 hours) and voila! I love my tray! Xo.


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