L shape studio I had the honor of helping a new mother transform her small but well-appointed L-shaped studio into a happy home for her and her new baby girl. One issue to tackle was clearly space. Already set up to give the apartment a bedroom, living and small dining area, I had to figure out how to incorporate a crib, changing table and room for what is a shocking amount of baby needs. The other issue was how to help the new mother maintain her stylish set-up without denying her baby its own space.

L shape 2 Along with a mutual friend who offered up her own stylish services and suggestions, we went to work finding both a crib and changing table that would compliment the mother’s serene and world-traveled home. We were determined to find pieces that did not scream “Baby On Board!”. My feeling is that a crib and changing table are inherently baby-centric, so there’s no need to double down with pastels and cartoon animal decals. The Moda Dresser from Room & Board was the perfect fit.

Baby room and crib areaNext, I got my client to see that, along with the joy of bringing a new life into her home, came the acceptance of getting rid of a few prized (and pricy) pieces of furniture. It was a justifiable tradeoff. So, out went the fancy bookcases that ate up too much floor space and up went the Elfa shelving. A great looking desk that was used primarily as a place to drop mail also went. Now there was a designated area for the baby. Some simple plug-in sconces and a good, calming piece of art went up. Everything started to look like the perfect home for the new mother and child. Also, the long expanse of windows held precious space below, so we had bookshelves built to give ample room for the endless baby books that were arriving each day. Finding storage spots where otherwise dead space lives is imperative.

Baby room drapeThe final issue to tackle was the light. The long expanse of windows got wood-slat blinds, which are for me the only way to deal with many lighting needs. Defused light, blocked light, full sun are all in the realm of possibilities with a wood slat blind (and all needed for a newborn).

And then there was the issue of mom and her need for a little privacy. We had a drape installed to cut off the “L” where her bed is. This way, there can be a wall of sorts to give mom privacy (READ: Take a nap) when someone is there watching the baby. But when not needed, the drape pushes to one side so the space feels as big and airy and non-claustrophobic as possible.

L shape studio FOLLOW UP: It’s been 6 months, and mom and baby are doing great! Everything has a place, and because we were sure to leave empty areas at the start, the bigger toys and strollers that are moving in all have a spot.  I am so glad that whatever stress comes from this new life of motherhood has been tempered by having a home that is welcoming, stress free and a joy to be in. Xo.


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