cle-cement-classic-circle-square-group-1200When I look at tile, I’m like a kid in a candy store. I love all the options. I love how things go together. I love the shapes and color.

So, welcome to one of my favorite “candy stores”: Clé.

wood1I’ve mentioned Clé in the past in a post about black and white tiles, but I feel like all the tiles are worth a look-see. Clé has truly some of the most delicious looking tiles around. My latest obsession is their Wood Porcelain Tile. I was recently staying at a friend’s at the beach, and the bathroom walls were wood-paneled with glass tiles for the shower and floor. I was really taken with how sexy a wood bathroom can be, but of course, wood, steam and water don’t always mix. I love the idea of tiling an entire bath in the clé wood tiles, so that you can get the warm look of wood while you shower. Love. It.

cle-cement-geo-faceted-hex-group-1200Then, there are their vast selection of cement tiles, which are like, well, candy.

cle-cement-geo-half-moon-group-1200I can’t even, with how much I love the patterns and colors (and yes, the grey, blacks and whites, too). I’m picturing a huge floor done in the half moon tile (pick a color, any color). Classic and modern and new all in one. Amazing.

cle-cement-classic-space-kitchenette-group-1200And, I mean, those Escher tiles. Come on!

cle-cement-traditional-mermaid-group-1200It’s worth a few minutes to click through their website and see what what I’m talking about. Let me know what you think, one kid in a candy store to another. Xo.


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