Alec Holland Designs, Alec Holland Brooklyn Project, Brooklyn Interior Designs, New York InteriorsI just completed a space in Brooklyn and I love the final results! This was a dream job: A large empty space with a great client who trusted me to take the lead and create a home for him that completely answered his needs. What resulted was a beautiful, clean-lined space with a strong leaning towards iconic collectible pieces, and luxurious, but understated materials.

Check it out and tell me what you think!

HK Living Room ALECHOLLAND.COMIn the living room, I wanted to create an environment where my client could come home after a long day and be immediately relaxed. To achieve this, I left out pattern and used only a few color tones (blacks/deep blues mostly). Everything started with the Blu Dot couch, which is deep and super comfortable, while staying true to the classic clean-line shapes I was looking for.

BK Mantus ALECHOLLAND.COMThe client’s one requirement: No random clutter or “objects” for the sake of being pretty. to answer this, I looked to accessories, like the Mantis wall Lamp that swivels to bring light into the room, while also being pretty enough to stare at like an objet d’art.

HK LR Eames ALECHOLLAND.COMAn Eames lounger and a standing lamp were brought in to create a reading corner. The design on the lamp’s punched-out stainless steel shade casts amazing light, creating really the only pattern in the room. I filled in the space with two case study planters and a great walnut bookcase by Kay & Stemmer from Horne. That sexy leaning mirror in the hall is also from Horne.

HK LR ALECHOLLAND.COMSwivel bar stools add more seating. The metal coffee table from Canvas was custom sized to fit the space. The large print over the couch by artist Lisa Candela gives the shock of color needed to pull everything together.

BK Bedroom ALECHOLLAND.COMIn the bedroom, it was nothing but hues of white, taupe and grey, but done in as many luxurious materials as possible. The Sullivan bed  (in “sand” velvet) and the bedding are all from Restoration Hardware. The small Cassandre print was found on eBay and reflects the client’s love of reading (there is no TV in the apartment). bedside lamps (the only real pop of color in the room) are from West Elm.  Xo.

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