kusama_800_1140It was the fabulous Yayoi Kusama’s Birthday yesterday, so I thought I’d pull up this post I wrote after seeing her show at the Whitney. It was spectacular. She is spectacular. Happy Birthday, Ms. Kusama. Xo.

(From July, 2012): I went to the Whitney yesterday and was blown away by the exhibition of artist Yayoi Kusama. A stunning visual and performance artist, photographer, designer, sculptor and all around nut job, her work both speaks to the insanity of the times as well as her own descent into madness (in 1977 she put herself into a psychiatric hospital and seems to have never left).

She is obsessed with polka dots, they are a major motif (PS: expect to see them on Louis Vuitton everywhere in 3,2,…) A hoarder to a fault, she kept everything and the show has much of it: letters to and from Georgia O’Keeffe, journals, slides, press releases and endless documentation of her life. But mostly the show has her art and sculpture, which is beautuful and haunting and shockingly fresh and new.

IMG_1011A true rebel/hippy/feminist from the start, In 1968, she presided over a “homosexual wedding”, which she called a happening, and there is a stunningly to-the-point release explaining why gay marriage is simply right (again: 1968).

IMG_1013She also famously wrote an open letter to then President Nixon offering to have sex with him if he stopped the Vietnam war. Plus, endless performances where she painted her polka dots on naked performers. Well played, m’lady.

Truly an artist that everyone should know about and whose work everyone should see.  Xo.

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