I am excited how things are coming together in the apartment I am working on. The Mantis Wall Lamp just went up (I’ve written about it HERE), and so far, it is giving me the most joy. It was a luxurious purchase, for sure, but it makes such a strong statement, and viewed against the backdrop of the city, it really creates all of the drama I was hoping for. There was a last minute shift on where it went, and I am so glad I listened to my guy on this one.

The thing I am always reminded of when working on a space is that I have to be willing to let ideas go as new ones come up.

You can see in the initial rendering above, that I had the lamp going on the other side of the couch, closer to the kitchen. I can tend to hold onto ideas (I’m stubborn that way), so I am glad I saw that the lamp needed to be placed closer to the window for optimal viewing, and was able to let go of my preconceived idea (and let my drawing be “wrong”). I’m also moving the little blue side table next to the Eames lounge chair, and doing a lower bookcase (the stunning Agnes Shelving Unit) which will create a great looking little library nook.

IMG_3163Now, don’t get it twisted. You need a definite plan when decorating. Trying to create a space by buying and placing things at whim never works. I assure you, the layout for this apartment was meticulously and fastidiously worked out. But once the plan is in motion, you have to be able to let that first thought go if the space dictates it. Maybe it’s a color that you realize needs to change, or in my case, the placement of an item. You have to be able to continually step back and look at the space that is being created. For me, the overall look and concept always stay the same, and most of my original idea stays true, but keeping myself open to inspiration always creates the best and most exciting designs.

IMG_3172PS: I also am loving the large but simple clock I got for a steal at CB2. Like the Mantis wall lamp, the statement clock a great choice for getting things up on the wall when art is sparse. Neither are art, per se, but both are fulfilling their practical purposes of bringing in light and making sure one is on time while looking great doing it.

Coming to the finish line on this beautiful space. Final pics when all is in place. Xo.

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