IMG_3048Talk about an artist rockstar! The lines at MoMA were a little long for Björk , so instead I saw Jean Dubuffet: Soul Of The Underground. I am so glad I did.  His work, mostly from the 1040s to 60s,  is so modern and so strong. It is shocking to me that some of the pieces were done more than 70 years ago. Dubuffet’s primitive figures and faces are intense. Basquiat is all over the news again, and you have to wonder how influential Dubuffet must have been to him.The exhibit focuses on the main years of Dubuffet’s work, and his use of unconventional materials, which must have been so radical for the time. From the MoMA site:

He revolutionized lithography, experimenting with textures by attacking lithographic stones with sandpaper, rags, and chemicals, and creating images with dirt, fruit peels, leaves, and other organic materials.

IMG_3055 The show has been up for a while and goes through April 5th. Sort of a run, don’t walk kind of an exhibit, if you ask me.IMG_3049

If you go, let me know what you think! Xo.

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