I’m working on some new projects that are keeping me from writing as much as I’d like to. In the meantime, I’ve been looking at beautiful things, helping people find beautiful things, and compiling lists of beautiful things to write about as soon as I am able. But, doing all of this looking, helping and compiling has got me thinking about what it means to really create a home that you love.

I live, square footage-wise, pretty modestly. But I love our apartment. No matter how grand a home I visit, no matter how in awe I am of someone’s beautiful space, I am always so happy once I am back home.

I love entertaining here as much as I thrill at puttering around by myself for hours. And it’s here that I daydream about decor. I use the calmness of my surroundings as a jumping-off point for design ideas. I may be working in a different furniture style, or dealing with the constraints of a large family’s needs, but I always start with how to make their home inherently peaceful.

The point is, no matter your style or your family’s needs, the common denominator is that we should all walk in our door at the end of a long day and be instantly calmed. There shouldn’t be added stress from stressful surroundings. There should be peace and breath and beauty. Here’s what I think:

If you make your surroundings as beautiful and calming (to you) as possible, your brain will have no choice but to be tricked into being calm and feeling worthy of the beautiful space around you.

We might not be able to control what goes on outside of our homes, but once inside, that’s all on us. We can choose to create chaos and mess or calm and beauty. I choose the latter.

We all need our homes to be the calming respite that protects us from the rest of our hectic lives. It’s not about having a lot of cash. It’s not about the size of the space. It’s about making where we are and what we have matter. The point of this decorator is to help you achieve that. So go make your bed, and let’s figure out how to get started. Xo.