Couch disassemble 2
The 100 inch long Hunter couch from Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams was just perfect for my clients. Sleek and modern and totally comfortable. To add extra style, I purchased 17 yards of the most delicious (and expensive) fabric to customize the couch to perfection. This was going to be one killer showpiece. Then we were told the couch would not fit the narrow pre-war stairwell, nor the too-small elevators of the apartment building. I. Died.

IMG_2158I had measured the room multiple times to ensure the couch would fit perfectly, but it never occurred to me that the huge building would have such wee accessibility. I called Mitchell Gold in a panic. They told me not to worry. They put me in touch with AFS-All Furniture Services (cue: angels singing) and on Thanksgiving eve, after the beautiful pristine couch was delivered to the building, two dudes showed up, and started yanking and hammering and ripping apart the couch. Again: Me. Dying.

But then… they brought up the pieces to the living room, and within an hour or so, the couch was back together! I could not believe my eyes. You hear the stories, but until you experience it for yourself…

So, now we know. If your space is huge, but all the ways into your home are not, there are companies like AFS that can take care of everything. (the couch rebuild was around $500) Sigh. Of. Relief. Xo.

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