IMG_0633I love a happy accident, which is what happened yesterday as I randomly chose a new side street for my stroll home. It was getting dark, but the huge glowing window front of the new Homenature pulled me in like it was Oz.

At first glance, the store, which opened on 18th street two weeks ago, feels shockingly un New York: All white. All bright. No color, or worse yet, no black anywhere.

IMG_0636But if you can look past the shock of no black, Homenature is a huge space filled with gorgeous furniture and accessories. Both customizable new and vintage furniture with strong, bold shapes.

IMG_0631I am obsessed with the vintage wicker dining chairs ($2600 per pair), and there is a resin tableware collection that is beyond (no pics on the site yet). The store’s own furniture pieces can be done in a variety of fabrics and finishes. This is some fun, glamorous and elegant stuff. A welcome decor store to the hood. Xo.

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