IMG_0099Ask almost any design fanatic and they’ll tell you that framed posters as art is for teenagers with rockstar crushes and Just Hang In There sentiments. But in lieu of not having actual art to put up, adults tend to just leave the walls bare. This kills me. There has to be a happy medium, people. Posters can work.

Tip number 1: When it comes to hanging them on walls, I am a total size-queen.

 I have the good fortune of having great friends who are great artists, so my walls have always been silly with art. As soon as I got a little money, the first thing I did was have a few of my favorite pieces professionally framed.

But, I also have some stunning silk-screened posters that my mother got in Denmark from one of her (and my) favorite decorative Danish artists, Bjorn Wiinblad. The posters are some of the most joyful images I’ve ever seen. They are also quite large.

If your walls are bare, framing a little vintage movie poster might be cute, but if you picture instead the same poster, only large enough to fill a wall (4 foot tall? Bigger?) it gives a visual punch and settles itself not only as a great wall covering, but as a major decorative statement. Plenty of on line stores offer up options, though  Chisholm Larson Gallery in Chelsea, where large vintage images rule supreme is plentiful with images.

I’d opt for great silk screen images and cartoon styles over a photo of, say Macaulay Culkin slapping his face in Home Alone. Fashion, old political posters, funny vintage adverts go a long way. And no cheep plastic poster frame. Get it framed well and matted. Then rejoice in walls with excitement and interest instead of blank, bare and boring. Xo.

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