IMG_2327I love an outdoor sculpture garden more than almost anything. Visiting Storm King is like a spiritual re-awaking for me. So, imagine my surprise when I was hanging with my bestie upstate and she told me about another walking wonder: The Fields Sculpture Park At Omi International Arts Center.

Omi is an Art Center with artist residency programs. And the 100 or so acres of land in Ghent is devoted to some really wonderful sculpture.

These pieces are not as epic (visually or physically) as the pieces you come across at Storm King, but there is a wonderful flow to the grounds, where you feel like you can stroll and wonder and come across little bits of delight. Oh, and it’s free. What?! Free! You know what I love more than outdoor sculpture? Public Art. Art is for the people, y’all!

I don’t know what it is about large sculpture in natural settings that I love so much. The one thing I tend to shy away from is too much color as I think part of the thrill is seeing earthly material that alters and weathers against the colorful backdrop of the scenery. Can’t get enough, and Omi does it right.

If you’re interested, I’d suggest that these next few weeks are the crucial time to go. To see the leaves bursting and changing, framing the large sculptures scattered across great lawns, well, if that isn’t thrilling and inspirational, I don’t know what is. Xo.

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