IMG_0983It should be made clear that, while I am showing all the things I picked for this renovation,  I had nothing to do with installing or building or tiling or wiring or painting a single thing. The contractor and his amazing team made everything look perfect and complete. 

I have to say that I really like how these bathrooms turned out. Although it would have been amazing to open up the the walls and really create the luxurious master bathroom we originally intended, I think the final result is really lovely, clean and stylish.

The client wanted a small linen closet for the master bath, and while I fought against it, we ultimately did put one in. In my perfect world, the extra space would have gone towards enlarging the shower. That said, the closet looks great, and the shower is a perfectly wonderful size, so there you have it.

The second bath is the distorted twin to the master. We kept the bath tub, but everything else went. All the same materials as the master were used, including the marble penny tile, the sink and toilet, and fixtures.

The powder room got a different color palette, with Benjamin Moore Grey Huskie (as spelled on the chip), and slate penny tile on the floor. I hung a wood mirror that was edged out in white (to keep some continuity with the toilet and sink), to give the half-bath a little zing.

Here’s a reminder of the bathrooms before…

And here’s the after…

Much better. I think they look swell. Xo.
Next Up: The Kitchen.
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