DSC00976I have been wanting some sort of cushion for our Wishbone Chairs for a long time. The chairs, which are older than I am, are showing their age, especially in the woven seats (it has proven next to impossible to find someone who can restring with the original paper twine). Also, if I am honest with myself, the chairs are not comfortable and really need a cushion. I have attempted to make cushions, but the shape of the seat is not a simple shape, and I have lost steam while just trying to make a pattern. But then…

Last week I posted about some insanely fabulous Mongolian fur chairs from Paola Navone. Yes, they are a little too over-the-top for most, and yes, they surely cost upwards of $3000.00. But they gave me an idea. Feeling the inspiration, I bought two Mongolian Fur pillow cases, and stuffed them with just a bit of batting so they don’t look like a pillow on a chair, but do have a bit of give.

DSC02159I love how the curly fur cascades over the sides. I love the warm honey color against the wood. I just love them. What do you think? Xo.

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