scentedcandlesI find a scented candle to be an integral part of home decor. Interior design should alight all of your senses, and for me, walking into a room that has a subtle and pleasing scent is like the (tuscan sage) icing on the cake.

Now, smells can be subjective, but I find that staying away from heavy floral scents (that can be quite cloying to some) and instead leaning towards the woodsier, herbaceous blends is the way to go. I am not against florals, just have them mixed with something earthier.


DSC02335The other thing to think about is that the better the candle, the more subtle and universally pleasing the scent. Yes, I am saying that those five dollar drugstore versions smell terrible. Of course, the better the candle, the higher the cost. Is it ridiculous to spend upwards of $70 on a scented candle? Yes. Yes it is. So what’s a person to do? I’m sure there are blogs that will DIY you to a hand poured, self scented wonder, but there’s another way, and it’s following  these two simple words: Stock up.

Whether they’re being discontinued, there’s a store going out of business, or it’s a post-holiday clearance, candles that can break the bank, sometimes get put on a sale rack. That just happened for me. I happened upon a store that was closing, and they were getting rid of their inventory, including Kobo candles ($36) at 50% off (!!). I bought them all, including the sample. Easy to store away even if you don’t have a lot of space.

Just start keeping your eyes and nose open. Those good candles are out there, you just have to sniff them out. Xo.

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