I know I suffer from hyperbole, but I was given a belated holiday gift last night from my dear friend and it really is the coolest gift I’ve ever received: A Lumio Book Light.  Every step of receiving the gift was like walking the rooms of Sleep No More.

Encased in a sleek wood box with an orange race car stripe circling it, I opened it to reveal a book with a beautiful, laser-cut wood laminate cover and binding. Was it a journal? A classic novel made with a funky jacket?  I Cracked the book open and it made me squeal! It lit up like a sorcerer’s  book in a Harry Potter Movie! (I’ve never seen a Harry Potter Movie, but one assumes.) This thing is insane!

The Lumio book, created by Max Gunawan, fans open, becoming a shockingly bright light. It can fan with both sides of the book resting open on a table, but it also comes with amazing accessories that allow you to fan the book open all the way to create a wreath of light. The wood book has strong magnets built into the cover so that, with the help of two magnetic nobs and a sexy leather strap, the ends snap together and can then be hung as a proper lamp. Even the USB cord that is used to recharge the hidden battery (it lasts up to 8 hours on a full charge) is stunning, with its orange cloth cord, like an old fashion lamp. Only, this thing is anything but old fashion. This is the future. And thanks to my amazing soul-sister friend, the future is mine! Xo.

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