Baseball-figure-before-and-after 2Things get dropped, or knocked or bumped all the time. Sometimes they crack, or smash or break. When it’s something you love, it’s tragic. But, when it’s not easily repaired, I am NOT a fan of gluing it back together and then keeping what is essentially damaged goods just for the sake of sentimentality. I know it sounds harsh, but who needs a vase that can’t hold water or a dish that can’t be used? Chances are it’s lost any value, too, so I usually say, kiss it up to god(dess) and let it go.

However, my friend had a little baseball figurine that he loved since childhood. He had big dreams of passing it onto his son, when it accidentally got knocked off a table and broke into large, but devastating pieces.

Baseball-figure-before-and-afterHe was at a loss and ready to toss it, but this, I feel was something worth fixing. With the disclaimer that I am no art restorer, I took on the task. I got some epoxy, and pulled out the acrylic paints and went to work. It’s not perfect, but I hope it brings both my friend and his sweetest son years of joy. Xo.

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