179042_519926264712349_2135726484_n-300x245This has nothing to do with decor, but here’s a fun, if not sassy piece we wrote on artist Richie Culver for Un-Titled Project Magazine.

The magazine is a big, sexy, sometimes NSFW glossy, so go out and buy it! This issue was all about sex, hence the rather risque questions. Enjoy!  

Artist Richie Culver equals skill plus luck. Culver left his small, working class town outside of Hull, England at seventeen. With no formal training, he is completely self-taught, creating with life experiences instead of with lessons learned from an art school degree. Culver’s first work, a magazine cut-out of the athlete Jesse Owens with the words “Have you ever really loved anyone?” glued to it, landed him in a group exhibition at the Tate Modern. Through his works in collage, mixed media, photography, and now with painting as well, Culver crafts pieces that are haunting, raw and full of vivid, unapologetic images. This past summer, Culver’s celebrity status was solidified when his portrait, painted by friend and fellow artist, Alan Coulson, served as the poster promoting the BP National Portrait Award. Culver’s likeness was plastered all over London, making his face as recognizable as his much in demand art. CUT TO: Ladies swooning. Guess it’s skill + luck + that beard = Richie Culver.

Alec HOLLAND: Your images are very harsh, yet there is certainly a beauty there. What is it that’s pretty about ugly to you?
Richie CULVER: They’re just real. People going about their business or day, and I’ve just captured a moment of that. There are sad moments in certain photos, but that’s just life, I guess.

HOLLAND: Often with photography, one can translate the image into fashion. I wonder if that assumption is infuriating to you?

CULVER: I don’t see any fashion in my photos at all really. Sexuality is there for sure. I could never photograph someone in a club environment or posing… it just doesn’t work for me. It has to be instinctive and raw as possible.

HOLLAND: Does that beard get you laid?
CULVER: I get by okay. I’m aware that there’s a certain crop of girls that like the bearded man, so naturally I stick close to them.

HOLLAND: Game time. I give you three names and you pick which you’d marry, which you’d fuck and which you’d kill. A) Cindy Sherman B) Frida Kahlo C) Annie Leibovitz?
CULVER: Marry Frida. Fuck Frida. Kill Annie.

HOLLAND: Wow. You and Frida should get a room. When you did your “I Loved You” series (based on when you wrote the words on the side of your ex’s home in an attempt to get her back), did you seriously think it would work?
CULVER: Yeah. I thought it would work for sure. I desperately wanted her back, so it was a last ditch effort.

HOLLAND: Did you know that the act (of writing on her building) was going to become a piece of your art when you decided to do it?
CULVER: No way. Everyone has that one person that got away. I still had feel ings for her, even though I was in a new relationship, so the piece was definitely made with her in mind. The “you just couldn’t see it” bit came later. I wrote the words “I LOVED YOU” big on a white canvas in white, took five steps back and realized you could not see the words, then the light bulb above head moment happened and the piece was born.

HOLLAND: Marry/Fuck/Kill: A) Dada B) Pop art C) Renaissance
CULVER: Marry Dada. Fuck Pop Art. Kill Renaissance.

HOLLAND: Do you think you get laid because you’re an artist or did you become an artist to get laid?
CULVER: I was getting laid before kind of okay, to be honest.

HOLLAND: You say humor is a big part of your art, but many of the images don’t seem funny. At all.

CULVER: There’s irony in certain pieces. Someone once wrote my pieces can either make you laugh or cry. That kind of sums my work up. The suicide note/ collages from my first solo show were really raw and honest works. In my new works though (paintings) I have found a nice middle ground.

HOLLAND: Marry/Fuck/Kill: A) The Queen B) Prince Harry C) Camilla.
CULVER: Marry The Queen. Fuck Prince Harry. Kill Camilla.

HOLLAND: That last one was a trick question since there was only one way to answer it. You passed with flying colors. Xo.

More information on Richie Culver HERE. Xo.

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