I find myself talking a lot with people about clutter and honoring one’s history.  People often keep inherited items from loved ones, simply because they feel too guilty to throw the items away. Worse yet, they are often shoved in the back of a closet or forgotten in a box in the basement.You don’t honor anyone if you are using the excuse of holding onto clutter for the sake of  their memory.  That is not how you honor memories.

To that same point, how does the frustration of holding onto boxes of a loved one’s crap, prove that you are somehow respecting their life? Letting your grandmother’s favorite purse collection get moldy in the basement does not respect her memory. Using the one you love (and donating the rest) does. Is it really letting your kid know you care because you have every piece of art he’s ever made shoved in a file somewhere in the attic? Clearly, one good framed piece of their childhood art on the wall would mean so much more, both to them and to you.

So, how about releasing the anger and frustration every time you knock into the boxes by dealing with them (maybe even tossing them), and then, using the newly empty space in a way that honors your loved one? Even if it’s just to not curse their name every time you stub your toe on the damn box. Just a thought, people. Just a thought. Xo.

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