IMG_1615I first experienced  Room Service when I lived in LA and would run off to Palm Springs for a little weekend fun. While the crazy pop style was a bit extreme for me at first, once in the land where Frank Sinatra and his Rat Pack went to chill, the furniture took on new meaning.  Glossy lacquer and mirrored panels, pops of buttery yellow and misty blue all came together. Maybe it was the extreme desert heat, but I liked it.

Well, Room Service just opened a store in Manhattan.  It’s still a little over the top for sure, but it’s hard not to smile while you look around. There are some vintage styles as classic and timeless as Sinatra himself. Also, they make their own “vintage inspired” pieces and do most to custom, so what you see can be made to fit your space to perfection. Fun stuff. In moderation. Or not.  Xo.
*What Would Frank Do?

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