Hey! You Got Your Chocolate In My Peanut Butter!

When we decided to live with our lover/life partner/fiance/gentleman friend, the big issue was how to meld our two homes into one. We were certainly lucky that we shared the same taste and mostly, the same style. For instance, He had this great Odyssey table from CB2, (which is no longer available):

…and we had this, the same version in white, available at CB2 here:

But we didn’t need two tables, so we did this, which thrilled us. If you squint, it sort of resembles our favorite if not overly played out Saarinen table (also perhaps already played on this blog), but instead of $3000 it was $300 (our tables cost $150 apiece when we bought them):

It should be noted that we each had a set of chairs and so now the two sets act as one. This is how one compromises, people. xo.

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